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10.5.2008 19:08

bitcoin investment

22.6.2021 07:39 vložil patricia dooley  IP:

My name is Patricia from united states, i am here to share testimony on how i benefited from an investment platform i never believed, i was scammed by some traders online and i lost almost all my savings, i quit participating on investment programs because the scams are too much online,months after i saw a testimony of Miguel silvia online that touched me, her experience was similar with Mine i contacted her via the comment because she also posted the profit payment proof , after talking with her and she assured me that (wilsontradeszone) is real and legit, i still had a lot of doubt because there are much of this similar comments of others, i thinked about it and i give it a try few days later and invested $850 worth of bitcoin with him ,yesterday been my withdrawal date i received my profit of $7,225.00 after they deducted there commission without stress and i am reinvesting with him i never believed him right now i had paid my necessary bills and i reinvested again thanks Mr Wilson for giving me life.. if you also had bad a experience like mine i will advise you to contact Mr Wilson on whatsapp: +27633586789 or email: wilsontradeszone@gmail.com for new investors also looking for legit cryptocurrency trader Mr Wilson is all you need


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